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Humans and tomatoes have the same preferences when it comes to temperature, humidity, light and spatial qualities...

Why not move into the greenhouse ?

Greenhouse Living

what we do

Greenhouse Living is an interdisciplinary team of consultants with a view towards a truly sustainable, human and eco-friendly built environment. We develop and build NATURHUS, facilities for URBAN FOODPRODUCTION and urban scale solutions for ECO-CYCLE CITIES of tomorrow.

We offer CONSULTING SERVICES in greenhouse-architecture, sustainable urban planning, eco-cycle technology, sustainable construction methods, greenhouse technology, sustainable energy systems, life cycle analysis and innovative solutions for urban foodproduction.

We also provide support in the IMPLEMENTATION PHASE in the form of construction project management, quotes and construction cost calculations, procurement support and supplier contacts. Our strength is the close integration of innovative environmental technology, architecture, and implementation.

We can help you with the process from the first sketch to a complete building.  We offer built sustainability without compromising on spatial qualities.


Why live in a greenhouse ?

Naturhus is a whole concept that consists of three parts:

A Greenhouse
A Corehouse
An Eco-cycle system 

The greenhouse creates a Mediterranean climate around the house with fantastic outdoor spaces. The greenhouse allows for a closed local cycle of plants that absorb the nutrients in the wastewater and turn it into fruits and vegetables.

A naturhus is a vision of a sustainable building that produces food, instead of waste. A house that generates energy instead of just consuming it and finally, introduce reflection and learning about what you eat and what you flush down the drain. What you flush down comes back to your own eco-cycle system and into

the tomatoes you give your children to eat. A sustainable architecture that promotes a truly sustainable lifestyle.

Greenhouse Living develop, design and help you to build naturhus. Many of them are private homes for one family, but the naturhus concept can be applied on many different types and scales of housing, restaurants, spaces for education, and for recreation and wellness.



Why produce food in the cities ?
About 1/3 of households' climate impact comes from the food we eat. To be able to build truly sustainable cities in the future, we cannot just look at energy efficiency, transportation and sustainable construction. We must also find solutions for truly sustainable food production by closing the cycles of water, nutrition and food much more local level. And at the same time break the dependece on artificial fertilizers and pesticides.

We believe that a part of the answer is to greatly increase the proportion of food that produced in cities. Food production and cultivation become visible in people's everyday lives, which contributes strongly to attractive urban environments.

Greenhouse Living develop buildingconcepts for urban foodproduction in close collaboration with the most competent expertise in urban cultivation and energysolutions. We have been involved in a number of researchprojects and developed prize-winning concepts for urban foodproduction including:
modular buildingconcepts, greenhouse technology, urban cultivation technology, sustainable energy solutions, cost calculations and businesscases for urban farming. 



How do we build, truly sustainable cities?
In the future cities, the cycles of water, nutrition and energy will be closed at an extremely local level. Within a neighborhood, a block and sometimes even within a single building. At the same time we get good, nutritious food, radically reduced need for transportation and attractive, human, urban environments with a strong presence of cultivation and food production.

Greenhouse Livings long-term plan is a determined development of the Naturhus concept and various solutions for Urban food production. These are tested in full scale in reality through various completed construction projects. We see them as “components” that can then be put together and be implemented on an urban scale.

Alongside with developing the eco-cyclefriendly building-components we also need a new understanding about the planningstrategys that is required. We believe we need to put together teams with a a lot more interdisciplinary knowledge to achieve this.  

Together with our various competent partners, we aim to take many small steps towards the truly sustainable eco-cycle Cities of the future.


DEC 2020


Greenhouse Living is developing av sustainable building concept for Urban Foodproduction. It includes the combination of compact Edge Datacenters and urban greenhouses. Residual heat from cooling the servers heates the greenhouse . . . . read more....

Image from publication; "Naturhus", Natur&Kultur. Photo by: Christian Gustavsson


We love to test built solutions in reality. We also love to engage in innovation and research projects to push the limit of built sustainability. We decided to be a firm that do both. We innovate by testing in reality. 


A conference/cafe/event- building in Uppgränna, Sweden. An existing red barn was demolished and replaced by a modern building with ground floor partly submerged in the slope. The upper entrance level consists of an insulated building partly surrounded by an unheated greenhouse that extends over the entire roof. The greenhouse includes room for plant beds and shelter terraces with expansive views of Lake Vättern and has a climate comparable to that of Northern Italy. 



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We are based in Gothenburg, on the Swedish West Coast:

Greenhouse Living
Marketenterivägen 3

415 28 Göteborg, Sweden
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Anders Solvarm

Engineer / Naturhus Pioneer

Eco-Cycle system design
Greenhouse technology

anders.solvarm (at)

Dan-Eric Archer

M.Sc Sustainable Energy

Energy systems

Environmental engineering
daneric.archer (at)
+46 (0)734 015564

Niklas Dahlström

Engineer / Architect

Construction project management
Structural Engineering
niklas (at)
+46 (0)706 624558

Fredrik Olson

Architect SAR/MSA

Greenhouse architecture
Sustainable Urban planning
fredrik (at)
+46 (0)707 396395

future-friendly building-design

In the cities of the future, the cycles of nutrition, water and energy are closed at an extremely local level. At the same time we can enjoy good, nutritious food, radically reduced energy consumption, attractive living spaces and human-scale urban environments with a presence of greenery and cultivation.